+Snaps Plastic Snaps



Coinciding with our commitment to offer professional quality to enthusiasts, our +Snaps are derived from an industrial range of plastic snaps used by world famous apparel companies in Japan and the US. We use the highest grade of polyacetal (POM), a thermoplastic usually used in the production of high precision parts in the aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.  We tortured our +Snaps times and times again just to make sure they are the best plastic snaps on the market:

1) Machine-washable : Once set, +Snaps do not come off and keep their original shape. And you are no more limited to 40C wash!
2) Iron Proof: heat resistant up to 140-160C! Do use a buffer cloth though, it is safer for you!
3) Constant Quality: world class plastic injection techniques and rigorous Quality Control from Japan means all our +Snaps are all of the same high quality.
4) Clever: we hollowed out the core of the stud so it is easier to press. No more struggling!
5) Super Strong Holding Force: perform even better than metal snaps in the long run!
6) Eye Catching: Beautiful pastel colors and matte finish, perfect for baby clothing!

+Snaps are available in 6 different colors and 3 sizes (9mm,13mm,15mm)