Our strength

Product & Merchandise Development based on the latest trend research & forecasts

Our Product Planning & Development Dept of Apparel division constantly keeps watch and analyze the latest trends & collections from Paris, Milano and New York.
We process this research to develop a product mix that is always in season, always market-oriented.

Our Hobby & Life Division is always experimenting with new and innovative materials to turn them into new and exciting crafts ideas.
We have sewers, knitters, crafters, scrapbookers... in our development teams to accomodate for all lifestyles and needs!

One to One Sales & Support
(Tailored Sales & Support)

Our Sales Teams are tailored to our customers. Each of your brand and collection are different and so should our supporting team for you. We focus on supporting individual taste, direction and strategy.

This kind of detail-oriented & personalized care is what definies the KIYOAHRA spirit since our foundation in 1934 and how we earned the trust of our clients in Japan and over the world.

600,000 SKUs (and counting!) of selected goods, the best in the industry.

As a specialized trading house, KIYOHARA is proud of its sourcing channels both overseas and in Japan, enabling to supply more than 600,000 SKUs, the largest assortment in the industry.

Pertinent analysys and forecasts of the latest trends is the life and blood of the fashion industry. Our teams strive to stay one step ahead and adjust our line-up and offering ready on time for each season.

We also offer QC services from our domestic and overseas offices so as to ensure the highest standards of quality to our customers.

Asia-Wide and global Logistic and Distribution Network

KIYOHARA spearheaded the deployment of computer-aided inventory management system (IMS) as far back as 1978 together with a highly reliable and efficient logistics system.

Our network which spreads between our head office and domestic distrubution centers in West, Central and East Japan allows us to access inventory information in real time.

In 2000, our in-house Information System Department was spun out as its own company, KIS Co. Ltd so as to allow our developpers and system specialists to tailor their software solutions to growing and diversified requests from customers in the apparel industry. This is yet another way how KIYOHARA tailors its sales to our customer's every need.

Based on above experiences, we proudly offer Asia-wide logistic and distribution network.

KiS Co., Ltd.

Strengthening of overseas market presence through the development of an Asia-wide network of offices and branches

As a trading house specialized in garment accessories and crafts & sewing supplies, KIYOHARA proudly serves clients in Asia, Europe, North & South America.

With overseas branches and affiliated companies in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul, Hochi-Minh City and Hanoi we are in a position to supply a wide range of products and services to apparel manufacturers, trading companies and retail shops. We are proud of having good reputations for the quality and value-added solutions as well as on time delivery.

We strive to enhance our presence in Asia through a far-reaching cooperation with our overseas branches, partners and affiliated companies. Asian counties, including China remain a core focus of our operations both as a promising market for quaity Japanese products and a sourcing base of unique and competitive products.