What is KIYOHARA ?

The Joy to Create is Infinite
And so we will never stop thinking of new products

At KIYOHARA we always work with our clients in mind.

We cannot wait to see what you will do with our products!

Our staff work very hard to bring you that special feeling when you find something you love, have fun making something, and most of all, the satisfaction of putting the final touches to a project.

Kiyohara Original Products

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    Functional Garment Accessories Made of Metal

  • plan_02.png

    Twinkle Braid
    Decorative Braid Trims Revisited

  • plan_03.png

    Craft Gallary
    UV Craft resin

KIYOHARA has played a major role in the Japanese apparel industry for the past 80 years

The Accessories & Trims Division is one of our core businesses. We engage in the comercial distribution of all the components needed to make apparel (with the exception of the shell fabric). We handle 600,000 references and have been in business for 89 years and counting!

Our customers choose us for our unique product mix, customer care and product development capability. We stay on budget by leveraging our network of overseas affiliates to satisfy your requirements.

We pay great attention to the smallest of details in everything we do, including in our analysis of the latest trends from the US and Europe.

600,000 articles and 89 years of history

Our proven track record of trend analysis and product development has earned us the trust of our clients in Japan and the world

We connect people.
The right products to the right people.

As a highly specialized trading company, KIYOHARA has developped into a group with an international presence. Together with our overseas branches and affiliated companies we have built a wide sales network in Europe, North America, Asia and South America. We trade with over 30 countries. We export high value added articles and functional materials from Japan and import competitevely priced products from Asia.

Overseas Customers:

in over 30 countries

We build bridges between countries in the global market Providing the best from anywhere to everywhere!

We keep our clients' needs in everything we do.
We strive to offer personalized customer service.

At the heart of our activity lie our Accessories & Fashion Trims Department and our Hobby & Craft Supplies Division.

We offer a variety of items and products, including original apparel material, originally developed fashion goods(OEM/ODM items) and hobby/craft products. Products made by Kiyohara are distributed through many channels, such as real shops, ec-shopping site and catalog.

We have built a logistics network and ordering system tailored to our products to tackle any requests from our customer.

Our Customers:

4,000 companies

Our proven track record of trend analysis and product development has earned us the trust of our clients in Japan and over the world