KING Sei-Den



Anti-static sewing thread that makes use of special carbon fiber conductive particles. By using Sei-Den as a hemming thread in a zigzag stitch pattern or in lockstitch at the bottom of shirts or skirts, all the undesirable effects of static electricity are eliminated: clinging of the fabric to the body, crackling when taking the garment on/off. Thanks to Sei-Den electrostatic does not build up and makes for more comfortable clothes (no more electrostatic shock when shaking hands after a long walk on showfloors or when opening the car door!).


Material: 80% Polyester / 20% Composite Polyester

Size 30 Tex (100dtex/1×3)
Strength: 15.7N
Put-up: 3,000m
Size 18 Tex (100dtex/1×2)
Strength: 10.7N
Put-up: 5,000m
Available in 9 colors