Inner-Bonded Thread for Leatherworking



MBT is the breakthrough inner bonded sewing thread researched and developed over many years by the team behind Vinymo. Bonded on the outside as well, MBT is easy to sew, dye-finished and environmentally friendly. MBT can be made either in polyester, which is extremely rare, as well as a more traditional nylon 66.


MBT is Certified OEKO-TEX® standard 100





● Enables beautiful sewing finish while maintaining the appearance and texture of a standard polyester filament.
● Made with the utmost care. No risk of resin gumming up the insides of the sewing machine.
● Smooth 2-needle multi-directional sewing (no thread breakage due to needle overheating)
● No snarl, perfect loop formation, no stitch skipping,
● No fraying guarantees a stress-free needle threading.
● Comes in 30 new colors!



Count  Structure    Thread Length    Color    Tensile Strength (N)
#40    110dtex/1×3    2,000m        80 colors          20
#30    167dtex/1×3    2,000m        All colors          32
#20    255dtex/1×3    2,000m        All colors          48
#8    167dtex/2×3     1,000m        All colors           63
#5    280dtex/2×3     1,000m        All colors          102
#1    280dtex/3×3       600m        All colors           149
#0    280dtex/4×3    450g(1,200m) All colors     205
#00    280dtex/6×3  450g(800m)    9 colors       306