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KIYOHARA is proposing“Create something yourself”to all people who enjoy their life with sewing and handicraft.
Collaborating with a well-known illustrator, “Mico Ogura”, we propose a lifestyle filled with natural comfort, by our original items “ricco-ricco”,“me-in beby”,“puti de pome”and “ecrulat”. They are based on our concept,“Be simple, and be natural in life with our products and sundries”.
In addition, we run a fancy craft shop, “+Fab.”, offering fun to create with our craft sundries.

  • “SUNCOCCOH”: Dressmaking tools and notions
  • “CRAFT GALLERY”: Craft kits and parts.
  • “FABRIC HARMONY”: Fabric featured with “Emico Takahashi”, a well-known fabric crafter.
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