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We commit to be “The Best Supporter in Fashion” for apparel customers.

We provide full range of garment materials, vital for apparel company's creative works, such as buttons, hooks, trimming tape & ribbons, lining, interlining and other garment accessories.
Our trend research, focused specially on up-to-date stream of garment materials in global market, and collaboration works with customers must help them develop to-the-point products which variedly differ by each brand concept and taste.
In addition, prompt and accurate delivery, achieved by our advanced logistic system and our distribution network, is our offered value to customers.
We, KIYOHARA, will always go forward to serve you as“The Best Supporter in Fashion”reliable for all apparel customers.

Our sales staffs have broad knowledge on garment materials and offer the best products and service to meet each customer's request. At the same time, we are proud of our shared value, customer oriented business style over the years.
Through our business infrastructure and network, it is our great pleasure to support our customer's creative works by offering right product from among variety of choices on time.

One of the biggest advantages of KIYOHARA is our superior capabilities in merchandising development. We comprehensively research and analyze each major fashion show and collection, held in Paris, Milan, and other European market and New York, as well as local events in Japan. We also think it important to survey what's going on at storefront and on the street. Based on such preceding market trend research and our internal information analysis, we merchandise and develop new products for each apparel customer.
As annual events, we hold large scaled in house exhibitions, specialized in garment materials twice a year; one is for Spring/Summer and the other for Autumn/Winter, welcoming many customers and designers.
We also have private exhibitions for each important customer, preparing our customized proposal and suggestion exclusively for their own taste.

Button, lace & trim, decorative parts, belt, fashionable product, zippers and other ornament and functional materials for apparel.
Lining, interlining, lace, organdy fabric, shoulder pads, inside belt, name tag, washing-care label, and other textile-based garment material for apparel.

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